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The winners of the 2012 Extreme Imaging Competition were announced
on Friday 15th February 2013 at the PowerHouse Museum.

2012 Winner: Barnaby Norris
School of Physics, University of Sydney.
Imaging the dusty circumstellar environments of AGB stars using polarimetric interferometry.

At the end of their lives, stars make a grand exit as swollen red giants tens of thousands of time more luminous than our sun and they also drive strong stellar winds into deep space, enriching the galaxy with elements essential for life. How this wind is launched has been a long-running astronomical enigma until Barnaby and his research team pioneered a new imaging technique, which can detect very faint light scattered from dust. This project is possibly the biggest finding to-date around the long-running mystery of the origin of the red giant winds.

2012 Runner Up: Sean Harris, Peter Anderson
University of New South Wales.
Visual awareness for a humanoid soccer robot.

These students have developed software that enables robots to understand their surroundings while playing four-a-side soccer. Using the new vision system that the students developed, the UNSW team placed third out of 28 qualifying research groups in the RoboCup international soccer competition, scoring more goals than any other team.

Highly Commended: Tariq Abuhashim
Highly Commended was awarded to Tariq Abuhashim from the University of Sydney for ‘Drone versus Swarm’ – with new visual sensing technology to tracked locusts plagues.

Highly Commended: Xue Wei
Highly Commended was also awarded to Xue Wei from the University of Wollongong for ‘3-D Assistive Navigation for the Blind’. This project is a step towards developing an assistive navigation system for the visually impaired.

Undergraduate Award: Sayaka Uematsu
The Undergraduate Award was won by Sayaka Uematsu from James Cook University for the project ‘Synchrotron Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy of Sea-bird Feathers’ - discovery of a highly regular pattern of zinc deposition.

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